Curriculum Vitae



Here you can view all my professionally-made websites, ranging from Accountants to Artists.

OneFirm Accounting

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OneFirm is an accounting firm based in Canada, Serving Canada and the USA. Their new site helped them to penetrate the US market more effectively, by catering more for an american audience as well as their existing canadian clients.

Tracy Vine

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Tracy Vine is an artist and photographer from Chelmsford, Essex. Here website is now home to the majority of her work. A simple and refined site was what she needed to highlight her striking art.

Ascend Solutions Accounting

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Ascend Solutions is a cloud bookkeeping firm from Australia which offers services to the cities of Canberra, Brisbane and Albury. Their new site helped to boost sales and drive up user retention rates, while ranking higher on Google and loading faster.

Joel Macpherson, CPA

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Joel Macpherson is a Certified Professional Accountant from Canada. With years of experience in the field and dozens of customers, a professional website was all he needed to boost his business.

TrustyURL Link Shortener

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TrustyURL is an in-progress URL shortener which aims to democratize link shortening by offering 100% free services which would normally be charged for on other websites. The current version functions only as a light URL shortener with just one feature, however many more features will be added in the future.